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Consider buying a Razor Naga mouse if you got some cash to burn. 17 programmable buttons right on the mouse is luxurious and intuitive and will make you a better player.

Took me a few hours of fumbling around,casting the wrong spells at some wrong times-to get used to all the button placements but by the next day it was 100% second nature and I was ‘johnny on the spot’ with all my spells.

Another thing if you want to improve might be obvious but when I was a noob I would analyze my actions after combat and figure out exactly what I could have done differently to create an optimal situation and make optimal decisions.

Also do some research on addons. Everyone’s preferences and play style are different but you will certainly find something that will make a world of difference no matter what class or spec.

Knowledge is power; the more relevant information you have, the better equipped you are to make situational decisions, learn the game mechanics and improve. Download ‘recount’ addon for detailed stats of your encounters and evaluate your performance. Make sure enemy cast bars are on. Carbonite is basically a GPS for wow.