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The Absurdity

Esoteric digressions of a disassociated anomaly
ERLIN (AFP) – A German sniffer dog called Lucky turned out to be anything but for a 21-year-old stoner in Munich arrested with a homemade Advent calendar with cannabis behind each little door instead of chocolate. Police knocked on his door to check the man’s driving licence, but after noticing a small piece of cannabis on the kitchen table, they set Lucky to work to see if there was any more of the drug.
“Behind every little door (on the calendar) was a small amount of cannabis in a matchbox, wrapped up in a colourful bow,” police said in a statement Tuesday. “He said he had been given the calendar as a present.”
The young man was released but now faces charges of possessing drugs.

First I laughed at the Nug Calendar (Brilliant gift though it may be), then I raged about the bitch-assedness of the stupid cop. Then I laughed again (possibly maniacally this time) when my mind inadvertently began reflecting on the absurdity of the human psyches futile discordance.  Too often are the primitive drives of the Id  forsaken by the superficial and mostly asinine demands of our social environment– on the cusp of a new era defined by innovation and technology as we head unpredictably forward toward increasing complexity, stoically celebrating each achievement drifting aimlessly through space on a fertile magnetic as natural laws pull our strings translucently obscuring reality like a set of heavy tints allowing a mere trickle of insight as to the dominating subservience of all life on earth to permeate the enigmatic membrane.


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