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The Absurdity

Esoteric digressions of a disassociated anomaly

I used to stare into the sun when I was a kid. It made my eyes feel ‘funny’ but I was too awestruck by it’s existence to heed my parents warnings. Incidentally I now wear contacts to correct my nearsightedness.. How’s that for a myopic dichotomy?!?

It’s so interesting how the weather on the sun can be so devastatingly violent; and can and does, often effect us significantly here on earth. Coronal mass ejections release a tremendous amount of high energy gamma radiation–the ‘Magnetic Twister’ you’re speaking of was of epic proportions so we can’t even imagine how much electromagnetic radiation must have been emitted from it.. Dude, if it were aimed at our planet, the Earth would most likely transmogrify into a sterile iron magnet!.. Not Science fiction bro, this shit is for real. I wish more people were scientifically literate because there is so much going on in our universe right under our noses and yet most are unaware of the brilliant displays of nature and what these hidden clues imply..

Conclusion: I like to ramble incessantly and then haphazardly digress a bit..



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