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The Absurdity

Esoteric digressions of a disassociated anomaly

excerpt huh?

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I enjoyed cloning my girlfriend and encapsulating the zygote into a wad of duct tape insulated with asbestos which I coyly slang-shot onto the ass-end of a Delta II rocket as it was lifting off from Cape Canaveral in hopes of the resulting embryo undergoing a fluke, genetic and chemical metamorphosis resulting from the exposure of high energy gamma radiation from a precisely timed/predicted coronal mass ejection thereby fusing the blastocyst DNA with a previously undiscovered, rare and anomalyic element containing EXACTLY 3.14 valence electrons forging a resilient and stable molecular structure immune to the degradational radiation of the entire electromagnetic spectrum  due to previously un-witness-able, monopole chemical bonds which are so strong that they will continue to exist and evolve even after the big crunch compresses all of the remaining energy and matter of all multi-verses into a pocket sized box of tic-tacs; what flavor?… Singularity!


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