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The Absurdity

Esoteric digressions of a disassociated anomaly

I’m inattentive, preoccupied with the gazillion simultaneous thoughts racing through my head which is a familiar, common and comfortable (yea comfortable!) scenario for me.  Unfortunately, this torrent of cerebral activity can sometimes overwhelm a person,  causing temporary neglect of certain happenings currently going on and is often how I get labeled a ‘retard’ or a called a ‘loser.  Of course when this happens I don’t always find the right words to come back with right there on the spot, rather on my way home in quiet contemplation, I’ll often re-construct the scenario in my head and actualize the exact words I wish I could have assembled in real-time to formulate my retort.

“In accordance to your cookie-cutter/cliché/boring-ass ideals, I might appear on a somewhat superficial plane to be inadequate at upholding what you deem to be meaningful and fulfilling if not only for the simple fact that what you consider prize-worthy are in direct opposition to the endeavors which I allocate my attention and effort.

What makes you the sad one is that while indeed you may surpass me in a few certain fields, the sacrifice, exertion and costs you’ve thus endured have only purchased you slightly more than what I’ve managed to obtain freely despite neglect, ignorance and apathy.”

Summary: The value of my bucks makes me the richer person…

Conclusion: Enjoy the flock you fit in so well with; your nose adjacent to the rear end of the next random clone surrounding you as you subserviently appease the Sheppard, blissfully content yet ignorantly unaware that what you have been mistakenly accepting as a devout love all along, was in reality merely a General’s over-enthused arousal over the superb quality of his latest batch of cannon fodder.


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